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Short Story
SEA DREAMS Lila Herzog was the younger of the two sisters with ashy blonde hair, freckles, and green eyes that could rival a Brazilian emerald. She laughed easily and had a heart bigger than her years. She played piano well, sang, and was a good student. School was not only a favorite past time it was an escape. But when she wasn’t in school, or doing chores, she...
  Like Jazz It begins with a trembling in your heart. Vibrations travel. Intense sparks like lights Photographed at high speed- Elongated strings of color. Move through your arms and down your fingers Then explode on strings, or keys, or skins or brass. Mind, soul, and body Transport to a place where time stops. Rapid-fire notes shoot down every Dirty...
SIZE MATTERS… Just 1/16th inch shorter, and a life would have been changed. A child would have been happier. Parents would have been smiling. Why just 1/16th of an inch? Because that would have been less than three inches. And Zachary Christie could have enjoyed his lunch. He wouldn’t have been sentenced to 45 days in reform school. How do you explain that to a...
EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY     Everywhere we look, we see or hear about foods we shouldn’t eat and things we should drink. Can we even enjoy a good meal? Too much fat, too many carbs, the wrong carbs, the wrong fat, sugar, good fake sugar, and now bad fake sugar, have caused us to take the joy out of cooking, and out of eating. This life-style has...