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from "Gift of the Child" collection
November's Child is like sprinking rain, watering down on a windowpane. You're the voice of friendship, the song of the wild, applauding the spirit in every child.
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photo credit: Lisa Bossi
Instead of filling your belly, pretend you are one of the millions of people all over the world who go hungry every day. Imagine the totality of hunger: the hollowness in a growling stomach; the futility of simmering bitter weeds in dirty water desperate for nourishment; the anxiety of not knowing...
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Tsingtao passport photo and stamp
I dedicate this blog entry to Jewish Shanghai. The subject has fascinated me since childhood. Don't you feel curious, as I did, to hear the words "Jew" and "Shanghai" in the same sentence? My young imagination conjured up a world faraway from my San Francisco home based on...
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One egg
Rather than resolve to accomplish a long list of improvements in the next 365 days, I commit myself to just one new perspective: I will live deeply in the little moments of my life. When the moment is joyous, I will take note and appreciate. When the moment is difficult, I will ask myself what I...
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  When I was nine, my body was taller, my legs were fatter, my hair was frizzier, and my chest more developed, than the petite, lean, shiny-haired pack of girls I watched in the school yard. I stood on the outside looking in. I sat on a different bench at lunchtime. I remember the sting of...
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Kwan Yin, the mother in my garden
Blessing for the MothersAnticipate the joy of life as a mother. Flourish with the gifts your children bring.Nurture yourself, too, as you care for your loved ones. Show your children the way of wonder. Voice your thoughts in kindness and clarity. Stand tall for your children, family, and community....
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The best than you notes are hand-written and heartfelt
I read THE HAPPINESS TREE and JANUARY'S CHILD to the third grade class at Sanchez Elementary School this past June. My book buddy, Luis, was proud to stand by my side and assist me in passing out my gift of a new book to each of his classmates, many of whom rarely shelve a new book in their...
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Little Moments of Peace
Does it have to be done?  Does it have to be done now?  Can I delegate it?  Does it have to be perfect?  Is there a simpler way to do it?  —La Leche League I clear the way for a simpler life. I leave spaces in my day and remove the word “hurry” from my vocabulary. I prune every unnecessary...
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Fifteen years ago tonight, I treated my four year old son, Jake, to a holiday night of sweet treats and amusement park rides on the rooftop of the Emporium, a now defunct department store downtown on Market Street. My own mother used to bring my sister and me there every December to eat crunchy...
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I cultivate the special quality of being content with very few possessions. Millions of people around the world wear clothes discarded by others, dwell in makeshift homes, eat less than their hungry bellies yearn for.  Though I need not worry about scrounging my next meal or that I will shiver...
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The hardest part of raising children is teaching them to ride a bicycle ... A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom ... —Sloan Wilson I remember the shiny, new bicycle in our living room: cobalt blue and fire engine red, fifteen speeds, center pull brakes, a...
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My talkative puppet, TREENA, and I have visited scores of elementary schools, literary festivals, booksignings, and fundraisers throughout the San Francisco region since THE HAPPINESS TREE launched at the beginning of autumn. Together we have fascinated groups of tree-lovers with the tale of ten...
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Everything good begins with me.
I've watched the trees closely as long as I can remember and along the way befriended a forest of favorites. There was the generous flowering plum in the front yard on Stratford Drive that blossomed in April, and by July was laden with shiny little plums. I would shimmy up the trunk, balance on a...
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Solitary cloud
See how nature-trees, flowers, grass-grows in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence.-Mother Teresa In solitude lies the boundless potential for a more fulfilling life. I let silence surround me and I hear more clearly messages of comfort and guidance. I make time...
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Thank you bouquet
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.—Melodie Beatty Today I will develop an attitude of gratitude. I reflect on how many people make contributions to my good life. I name and thank—either in person or silently— all the people I know, and see, who do work I am grateful for. I especially take time...
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