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Belle Yang's Books

Summertime Rainbow Jacket Art
In English and Mandarin Chinese, Belle Yang's bilingual board books celebrate the natural world with simple concepts and beautiful, bold illustrations. It's summer, and the meadow is in full bloom. As some bunnies hop along, they see blue sky, white clouds, and yummy green grass. How many more colors can be found? Look for an explanation of tonal marks at the end of the story...
A Nest in Springtime Jacket
In English and Mandarin Chinese, Belle Yang's bilingual board books celebrate the natural world with simple concepts and beautiful, bold illustrations. In springtime, when wild geese come to nest, there are eggs for counting. But how many goslings will there be? And how many in the whole paddling family, when Papa and Mama join them? Tonal marks used in the book are explained...
Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale
Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly With a lilting voice and a strongly etched fairy tale hand, writer/artist Yang weaves a riveting true-life tale of ancestral jealousies and familial woes from her father's recollections of growing up in China. Her book begins with Yang in her 20s, recently graduated from college but unable to get herself out into the...
Foo Jacket.jpeg
In a cozy, tropical place called Washtub Pond, three web-footed creatures pass carefree days playing and dreaming together. Sue-Lin Salamander, Mao-Mao Mudpuppy, and Foo Frog have been best, samesize friends since the day they were born. But like all young creatures, these three grow up — and some really BIG changes in Foo Frog put the trio’s friendship to the test. With warmth,...
A moving and uplifting tale of two children and their parents, and the beloved pet doves that help them to understand one another. "Fei, fei — fly, fly, little birds, but always come home to me!" Mei-Mei and Di-Di are head-over-heels in love with their new doves. Like devoted parents, the siblings tenderly nurture Butterfly and Squeaky as they grow from chicks to...
Hannah Is My Name
With Chinese-influenced paintings in jewel-like colors, Belle Yang tells an immigration tale that reflects one of the many facets of the American dream.  Please visit www.belleyang.com to see more of the art. 
Best friends come in many shapes and sizes, and all it takes to make a friend is caring, sharing, and love. Just ask Chili-Chili-Chin-Chin, a mischievous little donkey whose best friend named him for the sound his bells make. With vibrant jewel-like artwork and gentle words, Belle Yang tells this charming tale of unexpected friendship between an impetuous donkey and a lovable boy.
The Odyssey of a Manchurian
The author recounts her father's dramatic flight from his native village in Manchuria during China's civil war, fighting his way amid a wave of suspicion, paranoia, and greed that arose with the imminent Communist takeover.
Baba: A Return to China Upon My Father's Shoulders
Baba ("papa" in Chinese) recounts the colorful childhood tales of Yang's father, who grew up at a time of great political and social upheaval in China. Behind the protective walls of the House of Yang, Baba is immersed in a world of the legends and colorful characters of village life. Yang's beautiful watercolors accompany each story and create "an astonishing...