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Washington Post
(Ma Jian's) masterful new novel, Beijing Coma, is informed by his return in 1989 to take part in Democracy Spring. The hero, a student named Dai Wei, is an eyewitness to the killing of his friends in the early morning hours of June 4, 1989, by the People's Liberation Army, which was ordered by the government to put down pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen...
Beijing Coma Art 600 pixels.jpg
In the Washington Post, I wrote a review of Ma Jian's "Beijing Coma."  The editorial b&w art accompanied the hard copy piece. Below, an unpublished, unedited piece--I tried to set things down before my memory became fuzzy. From Guilin of slow flowing viridian rivers, and strange rock formations, I flew back to Beijing, coated with centuries of...
Short Story
The Language of Dreams Cover Art 2.jpg
From the anthology “Becoming American.” Edited by Meri Nana-Ama Danquah. Published by Hyperion, 2000 I . To speak Chinese is to inherit the memory of hunger. On lunar New Year's eve, flushed with wine and beef from the fire pot, Baba's eyes grow misty. I know what my father is going to say. On a cozy, full belly, he is reminded of the past on a empty belly....