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The nurse came in, thinkingI was asleep, and started to pray.I wanted to throttle her words,rob them of their power, but it was lateand I was weak from opening and closingon a steel slab all day. When I heard that blessing again--its cadence a flatline static, its breaththe false thunder of...
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Deborah Batterman's new ebook, just published as a Kindle Single, is intimate and inventive. The linked essays in Because My Name is Mother are rich with telling details. Objects and everyday acts resonate until we can see ourselves in the vivid moments the author creates. There's the photograph...
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If there’s thunder, plug your ears. Putter around the house in something loose and elastic, flashlight in hand. A power outage should turn your focus toward storm drains and generators, away from the memory of one specific cheek- curve, how it bloomed with palm prints the day he spoke his mind and...
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Desire by Janet Snell
There’s the daylight in ruins, and you here willing to be ruined too, willing night to crawl across a city full of men wanting to ruin you. Here comes one now, ripe with appetite and impulse, without a clue of what it will take to pull you out of these details drowning in orange and blue, and...
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drawing: Janet Snell
On the way down, she sees what blue swells and whitecaps are not: not fists of diamonds, nor rocking hips, not rippling limbs tossing up fish nor are they sorry for the depths to which they have plunged her drowning ship. first appeared in Up the Staircase Quarterly
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black sleep.JPG
This is the moment you are most alone, systems thudding blood, breath stretching to a yawn. A tear made of the day escapes like the slow start of rain and your fingers curl slightly. Around what? The street sounds doppler away, also refusing to be held. There's no fear of the numbness that...
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The other day, my husband's brother suggested I help arrange "a suitable alliance" for our nephew, now twenty-seven and longing to become "well-settled". Of course, my brother-in-law was joking -- I will always be the "unsuitable bride" in his eyes, and any candidate I might put forward would be...
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HIS DEAD WIFE'S PHOTOGRAPH. This story created a sensation when it was first told. It appeared in the papers and many big Physicists and Natural Philosophers were, at least so they thought, able to explain the phenomenon. I shall narrate the event and also tell the reader what explanation was given...
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janet snell
She dreams he is coming home. A flicker of light upon a spine, he is floating toward her over food courts and luggage carousels, through time zones pocked with stoplights and the bulge of alternate lives.  They never travel together, in case one doesn’t make it back. Like the royals, they say...
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The way somersaultcircles us, so long stuck.We stir the air with a doll’s arm. Oar, pull away. Breaker, tip us over.Show the vantage point of the submergedclouds wrong side up Where we go who knows whenthe knot gives way. Who, unlaced and dangling,can almost touch the ground. (Painting by Janet...
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A definition of memory from http://www.mindandlife.org/pdfs/ml_18_brochure.pdf "...sustained voluntary attention (samadhi) is closely related to memory, because in order to deliberately sustain one’s attention upon a chosen object, one must continue to remember to do so from moment to moment,...
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The beginning of the semester seems like a good time to recall lessons previously learned. Taking stock can energize a person for the new task at hand. You've got a nice big Herculean one of those in front of you, don't you. I thought as much. Here are five of my lessons learned. Maybe they'll be...
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She always liked grilled cheese sandwiches, the gooey melt of them, the buttery crustiness. Today, when she bites into the one I just made for her, her mouth turns down. She purses her lips. "What's the matter?" "Nothing." "Not hungry?" She's never hungry these days, although she still worries...
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Several of my pieces came out in these zines -- http://www.upthestaircase.org/ http://www.redfez.net/video/18 http://www.imppress.co.uk/publications/e-zine/current_issue/page17.html I had not published with any of them before, and found the editors very easy to work with, and hospitable. Maybe you'...
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Three of my poems with three paintings by my sister can be found in the new Blood Lotus Journal, http://www.bloodlotusjournal.com/2011/08/bl-21.html?spref=blLater the same day: I tried something different, a piece of flash using a Meg Pokrass's prompt  of five words: train, food, foot, move, and...
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