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Cheryl L Snell's Books

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poems and paintings by Cheryl and Janet Snell on the subject of memory, age, and the slippery mother-daughter bond.
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drawings and poems by the sisters Snell
  Each of these five stories, linked by icons and symbols like Barbie dolls, harmonicas, and fat, are punctuated by original art by award winning expressionist Janet Snell. Writer Deborah Batterman says: "Writers are often asked where their ideas come from. A more telling question might be what form those ideas -- poems, novels, stories short and long -- shape...
When Alice marries Ramesh, her new mother-in-law, named Shiva for the Hindu god of Creation and Destruction, usurps the young woman’s authority in her own home, never letting her forget her lowly place in the Indian joint-family. On one annual visit, the power struggle between the women is interrupted when a family secret is revealed; it costs Shiva everything. While Alice nurses...
When Nela Sambashivan visits her native India to research the mathematics of collectives, she is drawn instead into the lives of ten year old Ranu, the cunning motel-keeper who exploits her, and an unscrupulous Uncle who believes that everything is for sale. Nela’s transformation from abstract thinker to selfless guardian begins when she rescues Ranu from a forced marriage, and...
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In game theory’s prisoner’s dilemma problem, two prisoners are given the choice between silence, and the betrayal of the other. The optimal choice turns out to be betrayal and therein lies the game’s paradox. In PRISONER'S DILEMMA, the book of art and poetry by the Snell sisters, the undercurrent of treachery winds its way through lyrical, narrative free verse accompanied by...
a chapbook of science themed poems accompanied by original oil paintings
Eighteen poems depicting Indian life
Comstock Review calls Epithalamion "a 64 page collection with an unusual binding. Inside it’s vintage Snell but more surreal, and with more Hindu content and themes. Again, she stuns us with her imagery." This volume includes seven linocuts by the artist Janet Snell.
Flower Half Blown
"a 25 page chapbook of varied and beautifully imaged lyric narratives"---Comstock Review