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Cliff Burns's Books

Nineteen stories that defy conventional boundaries and safe zones. Original, daring and provocative, this collection includes the author's best short fiction of the past fifteen years. Also featuring gorgeous cover art by Joslyn Cain and accompanied by an author's Afterword and story notes. "Cliff Burns's writing is sparse, minimalist, but his words are as sharp as knives." -Corey...
New & Selected Poems
A compilation covering over 25 years, a "Best of..." collection of Burns' most personal and unsettling verse. Apocalyptic, austere, elegant, terrifying. Includes an author's Afterword--not available as an e-book.
It's a supernatural mystery, shweetheart AND a loving homage to film noir and pulp fiction, a tip of the hat to the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, Val Lewton and Raymond Chandler. Cassandra Zinnea and Evgeny Nightstalk are the only private detectives in town who work from dusk 'til dawn. Naturally, their odd hours attract a pretty strange clientele... This time around, their...
"Righteous Blood" by Cliff Burns
Two novellas (long short stories) on the theme of evil in our society. These are not simple moral fables, but multi-layered and intensive investigations into the nature and source and allure of evil. The first story concerns the efforts of a man to protect a family from interior strife and outside dangers (and all the while living in their garage without their knowledge). The...
My very first collection of stories and one that gained me some valuable attention, raised my profile...especially when people like Canadian literary great Timothy Findley took notice of the book and praised it highly. Sex & Other Acts of the Imagination features likely my most anthologized story, "Invisible Boy". A personal and cathartic work of fiction, it has long...
 Something is loose in the streets of Ilium... People are disappearing, swept up and borne off in savage attacks launched from above, and the stories the survivors tell are horrifying, too unbelievable to be true. Police detective Gus Novak finds his training, skills and instincts sorely tested by circumstances that defy rational explanation.  As the city comes under siege and the...
"The Reality Machine" by Cliff Burns
A collection of short stories with a strong bent for the surreal. Compared to the likes of Jorge Luis Borges and William S. Burroughs, The Reality Machine is composed of fiction for people who don't like to play it safe.