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Published by The Pedestal
Even as a Northerner, I will concede that Southern writers, from William Faulkner, to Flannery O’Connor, to Harper Lee, were not only endowed with a charming drawl, but were also...
Published by ArtsATL
It is no accident that the author himself appears on the cover, as a blurred face behind an old-fashioned camera, his thumb poised above the shutter button, because self-exposure...
Published by Out in Print
Each piece in Render is a perfectly composed photograph, highlighted not only by the cover, but by the pieces which bookend the marvels between, “A Broken...
Remain In Light
Published by Will Kenyon's Little Corner of the Universe
Stronger in voice, more sublime in style, and ultimately more intriguing than its predecessor and many of its contemporaries, Remain In Light stands as a great second...
Remain In Light
Published by Baby Got Books
I settled right in and immediately felt comfortable and thrilled to be back with my friends Martin, Diane and Irene.
Remain In Light
Published by Lambda Literary Review
Sex, drugs, and chain-smoking Parisians abound in Collin Kelley’s new novel Remain in Light (Vanilla Heart Publishing), the cinematic sequel to his popular first novel Conquering...
Remain In Light
Published by Chicago Center for Literature & Photography
Great as a standalone book, or even better as part two of a grander whole, this is the rare sequel that easily outperforms its predecessor in just about any way you can name,...
Slow To Burn
Published by Joe's Jacket
A few days ago, I sat down with the reprint edition of Kelley's chapbook Slow to Burn published by Seven Kitchens Press, and I quickly fell in love. In many ways, chapbooks can...
Conquering Venus
Published by Goodreads
"It's a compelling read, with prose that adheres to what I consider the highest standard: it flows without drawing undue attention to itself. It's a page-turner without being...
Conquering Venus
Published by Suite101.com
Collin Kelley's debut novel is an irresistible read. Conquering Venus is a compelling mystery and love story told through well-crafted prose.
Conquering Venus
Published by Baby Got Books
An intriguing story and fantastic writing.
Conquering Venus
Published by OutSmart Magazine
This stunning debut novel is everything—a poetic page-turner, a wonderful mystery, and a compelling story of self-realization. Bravo to Collin Kelly, an established poet whose...
Conquering Venus
Published by Goodreads
Mr. Kelley does a wonderful job of creating the atmosphere of Paris in the 1990’s and Paris under siege during street revolutions in the 1960’s under DeGaulle. Mr. Kelley finds a...
Conquering Venus
Published by The Next Best Book Blog
Collin Kelley tackles heavy topics - what it is like to deal with the pressures and perceptions of being a gay man in today society, how we as humans deal with death, and the idea...
Conquering Venus
Published by New Southerner
Kelley does an excellent job of taking us seamlessly into the paranormal scenes and back to reality, neither missing the proverbial beat or losing one bit of his hold on the...