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I had the chance and the enormous privilege to be invited, both as a visual artist and a writer, to join an unique issue of the French cultural magazine, Levure littéraire, funded and directed by the well-known French-Romanian writer, RODICA DRAGHINCESCU. An issue dedicated to the Cultural...
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  I’m a writer and a visual artist and my last artwork is my first installation, ''Selfportrait'', a good description of my destiny. Like Blake, Michaux, Sabato and other major intelectuals I was fascinated since my early youth by both literature and art. When I imagined this installation I thought...
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my wild happinessa tiger's voicein a yellow faithdeath one reason to singhas sent me the mirrorto remind me ofthe old memoryof the birdred flying heart of chancemy wildhappinessthin white sandon dirtyobjects
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in autumn the word ‘light’ becomes deformed and fumeson manuscripts galactic citiesinhabited by aphasic crowds - pitching into an apple’s gloss - the eggplant toaster crystallizes a mistwith thousands of ovoid layersthrough which alien hands liquefy their original tissue on the banister of the...
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if I open my eyesin the empty roomwhite walls coveringthe red woodsthe trace of telephone cordin the red ants' dustwhite walls coveringthe red woodswhere a white harescorches my proffered palm a form of solitudewhite walls crumblingthe red wallsuntil the sandglass fillswith the red ants'labour
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out of the universe lines of the screambenighted in invisible flames above the city you twist toward the silky hazeemerging from a horse’s saddle back your left half’s made of dewwhich trickles into the innocent countrywith erect architecturesmade up by lovers’ names from the scream’s lines...
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everything you search for searches itself along with youuntil the roads scrapeinto speechless cascades on the being’s lunar face all you see sees itself along with youuntil the rain of eyes hachuresthe muscular meaningswith such a moist blinding everything you hear hears itself along with youuntil...
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seeking the golden shadow of irreal things I'm crossing this vulgar unique city - sex dimanche - where the brain is a late trap of the feelings on the street motorbikers steal blindmen's canes to acquire a ludic existence down the stairs into a bar I go/through the double light of the lighter I can...
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I grab a banjo with its woodpolished by the being’s beamy meaningand gradually I see myself again amidst musical cometsI am my only presentI say it again and the echo liquefies both moon and wordsyesterday I am the futurerepeats my yonder imageand irreal fingers touch the world’s tremulous horizon...
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the world has fallen on my fingersimperial guillotine/a famous sculpturerwraps up the mountains in plastic sheet- adoringly numerical images -morality struts nude on the beachesof continents/meme la poesiea quelque chose du dernier matchde cassius clay/the old man only bearsrelief movies kinetic...
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  oh the woman even deathhas the memory of round curvesin the drunk lensthe sea delineates the green madness ofastronomersthe skin-deep wind of terrorthe maximum vegetation of solitudelife is surgeryon the eye of a heroon the street blindmen seethe psychoanalytical side of things
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  My major, almost daily obsession/passion in the last years is Ada Kaleh, the island of my childhood. When I was 9-11 years old I lived with my parents in  Turnu Severin, an old and beautiful town known as the ’’city of roses’’, at the Danube. We use to go by ship to the small exotic Ada Kaleh...
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When I published my first book,''The Sunday of Things Real''(poetry), in 1984, Junimea Publishing House, Iasi, my country Romania had a totalitarian regime, ruled by the well-known dictator Ceausescu.I was a young intelectual and I tried with all my efforts to remain free at least by my selection...
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The possible emergence of the temporary cities in the future will be based on the aesthetics of speed & nomadism, flexibility & reconfigurability. The trans-architecture of such amazing cities is an intimate fusion of space with light, sound, colors and virtual reality, focused on...
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Text and Time 67 (Wine's Angel)
Work of archetypal expressionism, an old Romanian wine press is the major archetype, but also a cultural one, Guido Reni's artwork ''Bachus'' and the most recent global archetype, president Obama drinking a glass of a famous Romanian wine, Cotnari... Work for the group show ''The vineyard and the...
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