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My guest today is Eva Stachniak author of The Winter Palace, her novel of Catherine the Great which was an international bestseller, and has been included in The Washington Post 2012 list of most notable fiction. Empress of the Night, her second Catherine the Great novel, has just been published...
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I'm delighted to announce that I've released Dying for Rome: Lucretia's Tale, the first story in a new collection entitled Short Tales of Ancient Rome, in which I retell the legends and history of Rome from a fresh perspective. Dying for Rome: Lucretia’s Tale retells the historic story of the...
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I recently reviewed Hannah Kent's debut novel, Burial Rites, on Goodreads.  I was delighted to discover that my rather brief review was chosen as the top review of Kent's book by Newsweek in connection with their promotion of the finalists in the historical fiction category of the Goodreads...
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The wonderful MK Tod from A Writer of History  blog conducted a survey of historical fiction readers last year to ascertain just what readers exactly love about this genre. The survey uncovered insights about those who read historical fiction and those who do not - demographics, story...
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There is a tale told by Herodatus, the famous Greek historian, about a wily prince called Tyrrhenus who saved his people by encouraging gambling. The story goes like this. Once in the land of Lydia there came a time when the harvest could no longer fill the bellies of all. So the king cast half his...
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My guest today is Gillian Bagwell whose richly detailed historical novels bring to vivid life England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Her latest book, Venus in Winter, is based on the first forty years of the life of the formidable four-times widowed dynast Bess of Hardwick who...
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The Golden Dice
    Two lovers blamed for starting a war.  Three women who must survive a siege. There would be few people who haven’t heard of the famous siege of Troy. The tales of the heroics of Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon and Menelaus have been handed down for thousands of years. So too the...
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  Over the last few weeks I've immersed myself in books about the ancient world. Being a Romaphile , it's no surprise that I love novels that are set in Rome. Ben Kane's Hannibal: Enemy of Rome describes three journeys. The trek of the famous Carthaginian general who leads his troops over...
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Over the last couple of years, many of you have been kind enough to express an interest as to when  the sequel to The Wedding Shroud will be available. I'm now happy to announce that I plan to release The Golden Dice in July. It's been a roller coaster for me during this time as the...
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My guest today is Sherry Jones, an American journalist and the internationally best selling author of the controversial The Jewel of Medina and other historical fiction novels about women's power. She is also a speaker on issues including women's rights, free speech, and Islamophobia. Her novels...
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  Ingrid Christensen (left) and Mathilde Wegger  on the way to Antarctica in 1931 My guest today is Jesse Blackadder who is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places. Her novel After the Party made the Australian Book Review list of favourite Australian novels in...
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My guest today is Kate Forsyth, the bestselling and award-winning author of more than twenty books, ranging from picture books to poetry to novels for both children and adults. Her list is so extensive it's best to take a look at Goodreads to see all her books! Since the Witches of Eileanan was...
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Loretta Proctor, author of The Long Shadow, Middle Watch and The Crimson Bed has tagged me in The Next Big Thing, an author's blog hop. Loretta was born in Cairo, Egypt to an English father and Greek mother. She won prizes in the 1970’s for essays and plays, wrote specialized articles, studied...
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  Sarcophagus of the Married Couple Late C6th BCE ‘There was a smooth, round contentment to her as she sat upon a dining couch with her husband, head resting against his shoulder as he embraced her. Their happiness revealed by the curve of their lips and the ease of their touch…’ The Wedding...
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Christy English, Author of How To Tame A Willful Wife
My guest today is Christy English, author of The Queen's Pawn and To Be Queen. After years of acting in Shakespeare's plays, Christy is excited to bring the Bard to Regency England in her new novel How To Tame A Willful Wife which has just been released. When she isn't acting, roller skating, or...
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