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“Prince William. Kate Middleton. What dress will she wear? How much does it cost? What will she do with her hair? When will they start a family? Blah, blah, blah. As a British woman living a few hours outside of London in the midst of the royal wedding media circus, it's easy to become cynical...
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Kaspa & I are getting married on Saturday the 18th of June, (yay!) and we’d love you to give us a special wedding gift by writing us a small stone on our wedding day.  We've made a video about it here. Kaspa has made us a brand new site at Wedding Small Stones, which has all the instructions...
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small stones
I’m terrible at paying attention. Sometimes, whole days go by in a blur. I look back and wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. What did I miss? When we pay attention to the world around us, we feel more engaged with life. We really notice what is around us, and we’re more likely to...
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"How do you keep yourself grounded?" "With difficulty." The woman being interviewed here is Carol Martin-Sperry, in this month's British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy magazine. Carol is a psychotherapist with more than twenty year's experience. She's written books...
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I have two lives. As a therapist, I see people weekly in my therapy room. I listen carefully as they share their deepest secrets and their most terrifying fears and their hugest hopes. As a writer, I write novels and articles and blogs and I run writing e-courses for people around the world. I...
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small stones journal
For several years, I have been writing daily short observational pieces I call 'small stones'.  My hope is that writing them will help me to to pay more attention to the world around me. If I need to write something every day, then I'm more likely to walk around the world with my eyes, ears, nose,...
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Snow petrel.jpg
"...whenever we feel an urgency or longing to help, it’s often rooted in the fear of facing our own unhealed pain." This is Ezra Bayda's proposal in his article 'The "Helper" Syndrome' on Tricycle. He encourage us to be curious about what's going on when we help others. Are we...
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"Thaw made me feel as though there are others just as broken as me, maybe many others, and that gave me hope and comfort even as it made me cry."Nicole from Books and Bards I write for many reasons. I write because my characters turn up in my head and ask me to write their story. I write...
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It's snowing outside. On Friday, it will be two whole months since I moved in to my new little place, my new life. Earlier, I ate sweet mango and drank strong coffee in bed, accompanied by Silver's purring and Radio 6. Later, I will cook myself potatoes Dauphinoise, and tuck into the huge box of...
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my front door
In my last place, the TV was always on. Even when I was on my own, when I got home I'd automatically turn on some music (if I was very chilled), the radio (if I was a bit chilled) or the TV (if I'd had One Of Those Days). Even when I was listening to music, I'd turn on the TV to accompany me whilst...
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In this poem by James Wright, something very ordinary is happening. The poet is visiting two ponies. He tells us how they stand, and what he can see in their eyes. He brings our attention to the feeling of their long ears as they brush against his skin. This is all. Although, when I read this...
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Mistle Thrush
Just outside my window, a fat mistle thrush has been spending his days in the snow-lined branches of the big tree all week. He is fat like a Buddha, and his belly is generously speckled with dark spots. As I watch, a slender great spotted woodpecker swoops in close, trying to brave it down to my...
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Snowy pond
I’m not very good at doing nothing. Or, more accurately, I’m very good at getting a lot done. I’m so good, I suspect that I create more work as soon as I start to run out. Today has been a snow day. Rosie took one look at the snow and refused to budge. I cancelled my clients, and stayed at home. I’...
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I have a terrible habit. Sometimes I want cats to do something. I want them to sit next to me, or to use the new cat basket I bought at great expense. I lift them unceremoniously from where they are, innocently fast asleep, and plonk them where I want them to sleep instead. I don’t think they’ve...
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Snowy Rosie
* Rosie HATES the snow (her front wheels spin and spin) although I think she looks quite cute in her snow-suit. * Silver has a penetrating hatred of bath mats. She used to attack the one in the last house, and after an early-morning commotion in the bathroom I went in to find my new bath mat...
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