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pay attention: a river of stones
The challenge: to notice one thing properly every day during January ’11, and to write it down. The result: more than 350 people across the world paying more attention to what was around them, and writing small stones. The birth of a new community of daily writers. A new movement - a river of stones. This book contains a selection of these engaged moments, written both by...
Violet Ackerman has drifted through a career, four children and a divorce without ever knowing who she is or what she wants. After moving to the coast, she starts receiving a series of mysterious letters sent from a mother and baby home in 1959, written by a pregnant twenty-year-old Elizabeth to her best friend. These letters intersperse Violet's turbulent relationships with her...
  After forty years of happy marriage, Leonard thought he knew his wife Rose as well as he knew himself. It's only after her sudden death that he finds her old handbag, which contains a mystery he can't ignore. Accompanied by Lily, his wife's childhood friend, Leonard becomes a reluctant detective as his whole life starts to unravel... 'The Blue Handbag' is steeped in a quiet...
Do you ever find yourself rushing through your days with no time to pause and look around you?  Do you pay attention to the smell of your coffee?  Do you notice pigeons gulping from puddles?  This book contains 365 small stones - bite-sized truffles of poetry celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday and the ordinary.  It will remind you to slow down and engage with your own...
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Watching too much trashy television, trying to find something decent to eat in a motorway service station, feeling awkward at dinner parties, putting off the hoovering... is this what life is all about? These everyday ordinary things happen to us all. This book helps us to discover what we can learn from them. It encourages us to wonder why we hate our boss, and why we keep...