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I'm delighted to share the opening pages of the ms. of my book-length poem  All Ways http://www.talismanmag.net/gach.html published this week in the latest Talisman  http://talismanmag.net Meantime, Haiku Corner is going into its 5th year http://community.tricycle.com/group/...
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It's been a year since my last post.  I guess I'm not cut out for blogging.  Nevertheless, here are 9 book blogs, of possible interest, as reviewed in American Book Review : http://TheRumpus.com http://HTMLGIANT.com http://NewPages.COM http://TheMillions.COM http://BigOther.com http...
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WERE I POET LAUREATE I'D OFFER HAIKU TO KIDS Were I poet laureate, I'd make it official news: haiku is the most universal global poetic form of the 21st century.  It's also democratic ... empowering ... & fun enuf!  It's not without precedent. When Robert Hass assumed incumbency as...
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notes from Thây's Keynote Address @ World Buddhist Conference 2010 Malaysia http://bit.ly/diJ7BL ☺ palms joined _/|\_
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¿ anyone here read russian ?   am finishing the peaver / volokhonsky translation of war & peace & have some serious questions to discuss with anyone who might know   
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Best Wishes to All at Solstice ... May All Beings Be Well   :: http://ow.ly/NWCV ::
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IN full regalia, Gus introduces his fancy dancing as "the oldest dances done on this continent ... oldies but goodies!  Yeehaw!!!"  50+ years, w/ 3 or 4 broken toe bones, he's doing alright. Never mind that he & 7 or 8 Aztec dancers from Mexico in full costume & all the rest of us...
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      By the clean, clear stroke of a blade, a group of flowers in a bowl on a table in a room evokes a garden, the whole of nature, the continuity of life — — ¿more so than when growing wild in profusion?       Other cuttings:   the splicing of 2 perhaps unrelated images in cinema (or tv)...
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The future affects the past, which affects the present.    The current McSweeneys (31) <  http://tr.im/x53h > includes a form / format w/ resonance to blogging.   BIJI *   — — n o t e b o o k   musings anecdotes quotations believe-it-or-not fiction social anthropology legends local...
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i'm contemplating my american karma   f r e e d o m   & interdependence    * * *   deborah p kolodji  writes: a crackle of fireworks the echo of dogs  
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IRAN: Demonstrator helping a wounded riot policeman out of the crowd to safety ...
THE WORLD IS AS WIDE AS THE HEART IS WIDE   The other day, Rev. James R Willems gave me a book to read, Metaphysical Horror by brilliant Polish philiosopher, historian, theologian, political scientist, and literary critic Leszek Kolakowski. His is a rare voice speaking to the sheer...
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image by Bahman Farzad
i walked into a bookstore & signed three copies of my new book last week in so doing i'd like to now offer 2 books to all in the red room who wish to partake for free, (please don't refuse), thanks to interesting, unforseen turns of events.   here's the story ——————————— this week's release...
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The 2nd edition of my Complete Idiot's Guide Understanding Buddhism will be pulped starting next week, which is also when the 3rd edition becomes public.     No seam in chaos. Continual metamorphosis.    
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I N C U N A B U L A   i don't wish to alarm you.  this is just a report of last weekend. my talk on buddhism & poetry for cherry blossom festival (an ohigan howha) at venice hongwanji buddhist temple went well as did the haiku workshop the next day.  (they'll print some of the haiku in...
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Tricycle has published a short feature I wrote during the financial meltdown: I've posted a link to it at my Articles corner; next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by.  Tell me what you think.    
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