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The Girl Who Fell From the Sky iTunes iMix
I often wrote in silence--no music, no radio, no sound distractions. But sometimes, I needed to conjure up a certain mood or feeling to write a new scene or passage. On those days, I'd play a single song over and over again as I wrote, until I felt like I was under the song's spell. For the sad...
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When people ask me how long it took to write the book, I answer: " Six years, 12 years, or 39!" Let me explain the 12 years answer--I started the book in 1997 when I left my job as a corporate lawyer. But at the same time, I started acting school and pursued an acting career. It's hard to...
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  I am about two inches taller as I float on the high of last night! I met Barbara Kingsolver when she was in town promoting her new book, The Lacuna (with a biracial protagonist btw). It was wonderful to be able to finally thank her in person for awarding me the Bellwether Prize and well,...
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This is a true story: I almost chose not to submit The Girl Who Fell From the Sky for the Bellwether Prize.  I was grumpy the day it was due.  Dispirited.  I didn't have enough printer ink and didn't want to buy more; didn't want to go to the post office; and didn't want to send my work to be...
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The Girl Who Fell From the Sky: Advance Reading Copy --Back Cover
Yesterday I received the advanced reading copy of my book.  The book cover is so beautiful -- and well, it was just stunning to finally hold "my book"  looking like a book in my hands.  I wish February would come sooner.  I can't wait to share this story!
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