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The magical festive season -- peace and hope, light reborn in the darkest hours of winter -- can affect even outcast dissidents in the most remote corner of the earth. But out there the meaning of the holiday spirit may come with a bittersweet twist. Five years ago on Dec. 25, a procession of...
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(From a press release from the Society of Environmental Journalists) We are proud to announce that Heart of Dryness by Jamie Workman has been awarded the 2010 SEJ Rachel Carson Environment Book Award - First Place - by The Society of Environmental Journalists! Heart of Dryness: How the Last...
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Hey, I just published an op-ed piece in AOL News on the links between BP's Deepwater oil spill offshore in salt water and the implications of a corrective energy policy that could pollute or dry up freshwater supplies inland. Here it is: In his Oval Office speech on the BP oil spill, President...
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So you think you can tell Greens from ‘browns,' activists from executives, environmental doomsayers from sunny corporate CEOs? Can you tell someone who is on your side of the climate change debate from someone to oppose? Then go ahead, take this easy quiz. Identify who's behind these extreme...
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We can debate the various causes and deny climate change. Or we can all just agree that this summer in Iraq and Afghanistan the mercury is likely to top 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In the shade. Of a dry, crowded nations. With few reliable sources of water.  In that case it’s worth considering how...
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