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Short Story
Don't Tease the Elephants - Front Cover.jpg
Monkey Puzzle Press
I'm excited to announce my new chapbook: Don't Tease the Elephants (5 stories)  
Short Story
The Adirondack Review
I can’t imagine how many girls you must meet. I think you’ll remember me because I had a public case. I was tall and skinny, with an irate mother who was a little taller and a little skinnier than me; we came in April, two years ago, around tax time. Well, in case you do remember, I thought I’d let you know that I’m doing well. I testified against the club...
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My neighbour’s dog misbehaves. She doesn’t respect my routine, the fact that I still come home for lunch. She barks and lunges as though I am headed toward her food dish. I am not. I have no business with her. I glare, despite knowing direct eye contact is perceived by dogs as confrontational. I glare because I am angry. I am here for solitude. I check...
Short Story
Burrow Press Review
Miranda could get anyone to smile, and there was nowhere people needed to smile more than on public transportation in northwestern Ohio. She boarded with two pastel floral bags tucked under her arms, swiped her monthly pass, and began her way down the aisle. In the first seat was George...
Short Story
The Jeep was perfect for safari because it didn’t have zippers. It had real windows, up-and-down windows. The guy that stood by the little hut, who took Rattle’s money, told us that because we had the right kind of Jeep, we qualified for the good part. Being here made me want to go to the real jungle, but I was a kid who had to take what I was given. That’s...
Short Story
My brother told me Dory was cracked, and he wasn't the only one. All the boys said she was crazy, but I figured they said this so their girlfriends wouldn't know they'd slept with her or tried to. Sure, she slept with a lot of people. But it didn't matter because I adored her. I used to stare at her. I wanted to decipher each stroke, figure out how such...
Short Story
fwriction : review
The last day I saw Michelle she weighed 325.2 pounds. She used to greet me each morning by reading her weight as it was recorded earlier that day in a small black notebook. If she was losing weight, she’d treat herself to a glazed donut and give me a high-five. If she was gaining, she’d shrug and leave the cream out of her coffee... http://www.fwrictionreview.com...
Short Story
Black Fox Literary Magazine
A short piece of fiction and an interview here: http://www.blackfoxlit.com/Current-Issue.html
Short Story
2011 Global Short Story Award
2011 Global Short Story Award website: http://www.globalshortstories.net/maywinners2011.pdf
Short Story
Image courtesy of knoxworx.com
First published in Eclectic Flash, now at fictionaut.
"Today is my thirty-fifth birthday, and I want to wear my hair curly. I want to look natural, the way my grandmother does in a photograph above my couch. In fact, I want to recreate this image exactly..." http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/jen-knox/a-glimpse--2