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Jennifer Niven's Books

American Blonde.jpg
A fearless and spirited pilot conquers Hollywood. Now can she survive movie stardom?   In 1945, Velva Jean Hart is a bona fide war heroine. After a newsreel films her triumphant return to America, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer promises to make her a star. They give her a new life story and a brand new name. As “Kit Rogers,” she navigates the movie sets, recording sessions, parties,...
Becoming Clementine.jpg
Summer 1944. Paris. A secret mission. A dangerous passion. A spellbinding story you will never forget. After delivering a B-17 Flying Fortress to Britain, an American volunteers to copilot a plane carrying special agents to their drop spot over Normandy. Her personal mission: to find her brother, who is missing in action. Their plane is shot down, and only she and five...
Velva Jean Learns to Fly
Velva Jean Hart, the fiercely independent heroine of Jennifer Niven's debut novel, Velva Jean Learns to Drive, returns in a captivating adventure that literally sends her soaring. Bridling under the limitations faced by a woman in rural Appalachia and fueled by the memory of her late Mama telling her to "live out there," Velva Jean hits the road to pursue her dream of singing...
Aqua Net Diaries
Jennifer Niven tackles her most harrowing expedition of all: high school. Her first two books, The Ice Master and Ada Blackjack, relayed the tales of deadly and dramatic Arctic adventures, but now she tells a survival tale of a different kind--her own thrilling, excruciating, and utterly unforgettable adventure in a midwestern high school during the 1980s.
Velva Jean Learns to Drive
Set in Appalachia in the years before World War II, Velva Jean Learns to Drive is a poignant story of a spirited young girl growing up in the gold-mining and moonshining South. One Sunday when she is ten years old, Velva Jean Hart is saved. Life soon brings unwelcome changes: her loving mother dies, and her father leaves on one of his "adventures." While Velva Jean's bossy...
Ada Blackjack
In September 1923, a diminutive twenty-five-year-old Eskimo woman named Ada Blackjack emerged as the lone survivor of an ambitious polar expedition.  She was a young and unskilled woman who headed into the Arctic in search of money and a husband.  What she found instead was a nightmare rivaling even the most horrific folktales she had grown up hearing from the...
The Ice Master
In June 1913, the H.M.C.S. Karluk set sail from Victoria, British Columbia. Six weeks later, the Arctic winter had begun, the ship was imprisoned in ice, and those on board had been abandoned by their leader. For five months, the Karluk remained frozen in a massive block of ice, drifting farther off course. In January 1914, the ice tore a hole in the vessel's hull, and the...