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The best-selling author of Time After Time returns to his time-travel roots in this suspenseful new novel. Moments before his execution for murder, Curtis Beckett has a vision of a beautiful woman he would never meet. But instead of being killed when the executioner throws the switch on the electric chair, Curtis and the sister of the woman he is accused of murdering turn up...
Time After Time
H.G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper through time....  This novel was the basis for the classic film starring Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen.  It has been rewritten and released in a trade edition.
Jack the Ripper comes back from infinity transmogrified into a beautiful woman and terrorizes Los Angeles in 2010.  Now middleaged, H.G. Wells chases the monster through time, in the process saving his wife, his marriage and his mistress. The buzz so far: “Alexander’s novel is everything you’d expect in a sequel to Time After Time.   The sweep of history through time...
Papa and Fidel
The Cuban revolution through the eyes and actions of Papa Hemingway and Fidel Castro.In 1957 Cuba, Fidel Castro starts a revolution with twelve men while Papa Hemingway wonders if he's washed up or has another book in him-the big book that's always eluded him. Looking for publicity, Fidel challenges Papa to come to the Sierra Maestra and write about the barbudos. Not one to turn...
The Curse of the Vampire
Los Angeles actress Melanie Ross is in Transylvania to shoot a film. It is the ancient home of her Romanian ancestors and their tortured spirits that stalk her every move. On a tour through Vladimir Castle, an ancient evil is unleashed, and a hideous bloodlust invades Melanie's innocent body. By day she continues her life as an actress on a foreign location shoot, but at dusk she...
Sara Scott, private eye, discovers that her husband’s murderer is the California state comptroller.
In 1893-on the run from Scotland Yard-the infamous Jack the Rip­per steals H.G. Wells' time machine and journeys to 1979. Outraged, Wells fol­lows, chases the Ripper through San Francisco determined to bring him back to justice in Victorian England. Along the way, he meets Amy Catherine "Jane" Rob­bins, a modern American woman, and they be­come time-crossed lovers. In a...