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Published by Austin Camacho
Alexander scores - Time after Time!, July 18, 2011 By Austin Camacho (author) - This review is from: Time-Crossed Lovers (Kindle Edition) With his first novel, "Time After Time"...
Papa and Fidel
Published by Pop Matters
Papa and Fidel is an Intriguing Alternate History Complete with Booze, Rebels and Literature By David Maine 13 May 2010 History tells us that Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway met...
Published by BookLoons
Karl Alexander, author of Time After Time, now brings fans a sequel in Jaclyn the Ripper. In the first book, Jack the Ripper used Wells' Time Machine in 1893 to escape Scotland...
Published by Felix Palma
"H. G. Wells meets the Computer Age in this fascinating variation on the time-travel theme. A dazzling succession of plots, adventures and hairpin turns, smoothly written and...
Published by T. Jefferson Parker and Clive Cussler
“Alexander’s novel is everything you’d expect in a sequel to Time After Time. The sweep of history through time travel is dazzling, the characters are beautifully rendered, and...