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Kelly Tweeddale's Writings

Snow Day
Snow.  I love how it demands that we pay attention,how we instantaneously rearrange our plans.  I love how it transforms shades of gray,bleaching out shadows, leaving nowhere to hide.   I love how each footstep leaves an imprint,making it easy to be found, if someone was looking. I love how there is no ambivalence,no illusions of warmth, no promise of color.I...
I had a boyfriend.He asked me to go steady with a ring wrapped up in a note.A week later I returned the note and the ring. I had a boyfriend. He tried to kiss me underwater at a pool party.I kissed him back. I had a boyfriend.He took me to my first dance and then wanted to plan our future.I went to the river and watched the current instead. I had a boyfriend.We...
(In honor of poet Gardner McFall, librettist of Amelia, premiering May 8, 2010) She spells her name with one “e”even though I imagine her with a gardener tool in hand;the type used to excavate graves of various depthsfor dead-looking bulbs promising resurrection in some later season.  Within the fertile soil she plants words of “loss,” “fear,” “abandonment”in...