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Kim Wong Keltner's Books

Tiger Babies Strike Back
Kim Wong Keltner is a Tiger Baby all grown up with a daughter of her own . . . but is she a Tiger Mother? Heck, no. This book describes—in hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking, detail—exactly why not. A battle hymn for every non-Tiger offspring of Tiger parents, Tiger Babies Strike Back examines why generations of kids have been made to feel inferior, isolated, suffocated, and...
I Want Candy
  I WANT   CANDY Bestselling Author Kim Wong Keltner Returns with a Dazzling, Humorous Coming-of-Age Novel Set in Adolescent Purgatory "Wong Keltner is unabashedly sassy and biting... the result is both refreshing and smart." –Publishers WeeklyCandace Ong is fourteen and sick of being "a fat, fucking dork." She'd rather be the girl on the cover of...
Buddha Baby
No doubt at the end of The Dim Sum of All Things, the reader is left wondering, “What will happen to this daffy and robust heroine, Miss Lindsey Owyang?” Could there really be a sequel, tentatively titled, Buddha Baby, which would tell of her further exploits as she navigates her sunny world of Hoarders, Twinkies, and various septuagenarian stalkers? The...
The Dim Sum of All Things
The Dim Sum of All Things is about a third-generation Chinese-American receptionist whose parents’ assimilation efforts have succeeded in convincing her she is not Chinese at all. The protagonist denies her affinity for Peking duck, mooncakes, and Hello Kitty toys, occasionally gleaning tidbits of Chinese wisdom by watching re-runs of Antiques Roadshow. She lives with her...