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String Bridge final cover_front.jpg
From the outside it would appear Melody Hill, the main character and narrator of Jessica Bell’s debut novel, String Bridge, has a perfect life. She lives in Athens with her charming Greek music promoter husband, she has an adorably precocious daughter, and she has a dream job as an editor for a publishing company with a promotion and raise in the offing. But...
White Elephants Cover
Everyone knew something was terribly wrong with her mother, but nobody did anything about it …that is until Chynna T. Laird wrote White Elephants. Chynna T. Laird and I met while I was on my WOW - Women on Writers blog tour last June. She graciously hosted me on her “White Elephants” website and later wrote a review of my memoir, Leaving the Hall On, which she...
Leaving the Hall Light On
I woke this morning at 4 am with a start and wondering if he was still alive at 4 am the morning we found him dead. Another thing I'll never know. At least I still have my memories of him while he was alive.  Perhaps I've posted this poem before. Even so, it is appropriate for today. Remembering Paul I'll always remember he slept without closing his eyes all the...
The Great American Poetry Show cover page
The Great American Poetry Show, Volume 2, Muse Media, 2010
Volume 2 of The Great American Poetry Show, the anthology I co-edit is just out. Here's my poem from the book.  Dream World  I look toward my mother's bed in its sunny spot by the window. Her young nurse is smiling. So is mother. She lies in a blue hospital gown printed with triangles, squares and circles in shades of gray, burgundy and dark blue. Her skin looks...
Poetsespresso Newsletter - April/May 2010
 This poem was published in the April/May 2010 issue of the Poetsespresso Newsletter.  Today I Saw You on the Hill Just after my morning walk on the highway up to South Coast, just after my relaxing soak in the big corner bath, just as I start my trudge up the hill, towel in hand ready to dump in the box, I see you engrossed in a conversation.   I know you...
Young Jazzman
Survivor Chronicles
As stated in its website, Survivor Chronicles is a small independent publication that seeks to represent writing (poetry, short fiction, non fiction) and art that has been part of the process of trauma survival. It is open to everyone who has survived trauma or watched someone close survive trauma, and has created art as a part of the process. We seek to...
Paul and Ben - 1977
unfold, a Twitter-zine published by Folded Word
Joplin, Hendrix
 and Morrison all died
 at 28 in 1971
 the year of your birth.   Only one more day and
 it will be ten years
 since we found you,
 3 months shy of 28   that day when
 we knew we would never
 hug you, kiss you
 or have to worry about you
 ever again.
  Writer's Block It's not usual for me to sit and look at the blank page and have nothing come. So, I'll write about nothing coming from this poet's brain this afternoon. Even as I write I need to stop and think and go back and edit, something I almost never do. I usually write, keeping my fingers moving on the keyboard until I finish. And then I go back and...
      So I'm waiting at the stoplight at the corner of Marine and Sepulveda and just happened to glance over at the car in the lane to my left. The car was like my husband's, a gray Toyota Camry, but that's where any similarities stopped. Inside was a lady in the driver's seat busily scrunching her chin from side to side and up and down and contorting her...
    I Won't Know Him Even though I know him I won't know him. I hear he's shrunk in size down 20 pounds from his usual husky physique in just a few weeks. I hear his speech is fuzzy, like he's high on drugs, but perhaps that's a good thing. He was jovial and upbeat when I saw him last, contemplating knee surgery and spending the last years of his life in...