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Late in the afternoon,we race the setting sun across the length of southern Wisconsin. We win. Feet in the water at the Mississippi river's edge as evening's glow fades and twilight’s cape spreads luminous across the sky.  Sitting on the long wooden dock as we dangle our toes below the...
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Doing a shout-out over the fact that after seven months of hosting each and every one of my children's four cats while they (the kids, not the cats) have gallivanted around the globe, I get to tell my side of the story! And yes, that handsome gentleman lounging atop the baby grand piano is...
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Little by little, I'm still lurching into the 21st century.  The latest baby step...an "author page" on Facebook.  Here's the link, https://www.facebook.com/runningwithstilettos, please stop by for a look and a "Like"! www.runningwithstilettos.com  
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Romance! Christmas! Second Chances! Happy Endings! I was in that kind of a mood when I sat down at the keyboard in December and had to write this short story, which I  finished a week before Christmas and then listed for $1.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store. There is no shortage of...
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You never forget your first conference.  I don’t mean the first writers conference that you “go” to. I mean the first conference where one of the organizers asks you to actually stand up and talk to an audience. There are a lot of reasons I will never forget that “first” conference as a...
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I just did a very nice interview by email with Victor David Giron of Curbside Splendor Publishing.  Here it is!  And if you get to the end, you'll find a picture of me as a very little girl on a park bench with my dad in Humboldt Park, Chicago.  Enjoy! http://curbsidesplendor.com/...
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Just a short note tonight to share that my third essay collection, "Fabulous in Flats," made the list of finalists in ForeWord Reviews' annual Book of the Year Awards!  This book is doing pretty well (crossing my fingers here that my luck holds), it was named "Published Book of the Year" a few...
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The sun is sinking low in the western sky, on a perfect track with the road I live on that runs in a straight line from east to west.  This is the time of year that folks around here usually keep snow boots and shovels in our cars in anticipation for yet another snow storm, but the temperature...
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Heaven is framed by fifty-foot birch trees, tossed softly in the breeze at the Lake Michigan shore as snlight dapples the forest floor and cormorants skin the cold blue waters. A white frame cabin with a red room sits in a clearing near the bluff, a cedar bench swing weathered to silver nearby....
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I'm not a photographer with a "fancy" camera. While I learned to love shooting film a long time ago in journalism school with a borrowed 35 millimeter SLR, the last few years have seen me celebrate the joy of shooting with a digital camera. And my specifications for a digital camera are only two...
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 Anybody's who's spent much time writing knows that it's a pretty solitary pursuit.  Just you and the keyboard, or the typewriter, or the legal pad and a sharpened pencil or fountain pen.  Sometimes stuff absolutely flows, more often you have to drag it out of hiding, from under...
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     The breeze off the Atlantic on Sea Island, Georgia at sunset carried the sound of bagpipes, a local tradition.  In front of me, a lush green lawn fell away to the shore as Old Glory fluttered nearby and then was retired for the evening.  I was sitting in an...
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I have just got to share a really GREAT review my latest book, "Fabulous in Flats," got on the Internet Review of Books today.  The reviewer was Ann Hite, who writes the "Black Mountain" series of novels. Link to Fabulous in Flats Review
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I think I've spent close to three hours in bits and pieces finishing up my listing on something called "AuthorsDen.com"  Does anybody have any thoughts to the site's usefulness or anything else?  Here's my listing... http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=153769  
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One of my favorites essays, written early into my experience as a blogger after I started my "Running with Stilettos" website, was called "Ripple Effect." It went on and on in colorful and expository fashion for a good thousand words, but boiled down to a sentence or two it was...
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