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The songwriter Johnny Mercer wrote "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home" -- and, for me, that's San Francisco. I've been lucky enough to revel in this carnival metropolis since newspapers captivated readers with bristling exploits of the Zodiac Killer and Herb Caen wrote his daily columns for the San...
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As a result of a year-long flirtation with an interesting man at work, I was waist-deep in a self-improvement makeover by the time I discovered that my "new friend" was years younger than I was. The age difference caught me by surprise, but it was too late to back out. I was already...
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Accounts of Bigfoot sightings, lost gold mines, and evil spirits are well-known scary urban legends in Park City and have been recounted for as long as settlers lived here.  Park City still allegedly entertains the occasional apparition. Its 1860s architecture resembles a stereoscopic plate of the...
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THE COCKETTE INVASION  “The rumble of the subway train...the rattle of the taxis...” “Fleet Week for Fags,” heralded the May23rd-June 3rd edition of The Village Voice.  Along with a few well-chosen paragraphs, the weekly periodical ran an early '70s photo underscored by the caption: “Twisted...
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Sweet Pam
While thumbing through Forensics for Dummies in search of a suitable demise for an arrogant psychiatrist in my new novel, I compiled a list of distinctly unpleasant experiences that might befall my victim should he ingest a lethal dose of say, strychnine:  pain, lockjaw, twitching of the muscles,...
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