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Short Story
NYCMIDNIGHT.COM - Creative Writing Championships 2009 - Flash Fiction - Challenge #1
John O'Brien inserted the key that would bring his elevator to his penthouse suite in the hotel.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he activated the elevator.  When he finally did so, he stepped back until he was leaning against the rear wall.  With his eyes closed, John continued to breathe deeply as he mentally prepared himself for the task at...
Short Story
At a Chinese restaurant, a PATRON has been seated. PATRONHi! You must be the waiter. WAITERYes, sir! How may I serve you? PATRONI'm hungry! What's today's special? WAITERAt this establishment, EVERYTHING is special EVERYDAY! PATRONHa, ha! Right. WAITERWould you like to try the soup of the day? PATRONWhat's the soup of the day? WAITERThe soup of the day is "...
Short Story
Unpublished - this piece resulted from a friend's challenge. She asked if I could a story involving any two random items.
Yen made a face.  "It's a bad idea!" Chen waved off his friend's concern with a grand sweeping gesture of his hand.  "Nonsense.  I have it under control.  You'll see.  Just show me where it is." Yen sighed.  You big ox, he thought.  You'll get us in trouble.  You *always* get us in trouble.  Yen and Chen have been friends since they were very...