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If you’re an author, traditionally or self-published, you can now sell your ebooks on Red Room! Plus, if you’re a Premium Member participating in Red Room’s “Royalties and Relationships” programs, you’ll get to keep up to 85% of the retail price, and you’ll get connected directly to every reader who buys your book. This post will tell you how to do it.

As with displaying and selling print books, only Red Room authors or Premium Members may sell their ebooks. If you're not a Premium Member, you can sign up here. Also, you must have the electronic rights to your book, either because you kept them when you signed your publishing contract, or because you self-published your book. If you don't have the electronic rights to your book, or if you're not sure, please contact us and we'll help you take the next steps.

Unlike with most print books, you can set your own ebook's sale price. Think you'll sell more at 99 cents a copy? Great! Want to make more per copy and think you can sell them at $9.99 or $19.99? That's fine, too. (The minimum price is one cent. All prices are in United States dollars.)

You can add different file types to your ebook so they can be read on all the different devices. When someone buys your eBook, they buy all the different file types at once.

If you opt in for Royalties and Relationships, you'll keep 85% of the sale price for each ebook sold. If you choose not to opt in, Red Room will keep 30% of the sale. As always with Royalties and Relationships, let us know if you can't manage the full Premium Membership fee—we have some fantastic scholarship opportunities available.

Here's how to add your ebook:

  1. From the Me dropdown menu on the main homepage navigation bar, click "Add Content."
  2. On the Create Content page, click "EBook."
  3. Enter the title, the original publish date, the Overview/Synopsis, and the price.
  4. Upload the file contataing the ebook. The file can be of the .pdf, .epub, and .modi types. (You can upload more than one type of file.)
  5. Enter an excerpt (if you have one), links to reading guides, a personal note to your readers, and Royalties and Relationships opt-in information if you are an annual Premium Member.
  6. Using the vertical tabs on the left, go the Book Cover screen and add your book's cover image.
  7. Click "Save" to save.
  8. Enhance your Author or Member Page to highlight the ebook: complete the Personal Note to your readers; checki the "List this Book First on Featured Works Slider"; add a Latest News bulletin; and post a blog entry.

Red Room's administrators will have to approve each individual ebook addition. That process can take up to one business day, but we'll notify you by email when it's ready to sell.

To succeed at selling ebooks on Red Room, the best thing you can do is spread the word. Use your email lists, your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and blogging sites, and let your readers know that you'd prefer them to buy your ebook through Red Room. Not only will you be getting the lion's share of the proceeds (again, up to 85%), they'll be buying from a retailer that puts authors' needs first.

I hope you're as excited about this ebook sales feature for Red Room's Authors and Premium Members as we are, and that you'll buy some of your fellow Red Roomers' books while you're selling your own. Red Room is partnering with book and ebook publishers to provide our thousands of published and not-yet-published authors with better deal terms and a faster path to market—details coming soon!—so this is just the first step.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this new feature or need any help adding your ebooks. Happy bookselling!

Huntington W. Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room


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ebooks with no ISBN?

Just wondering if it's possible yet to add ebooks without an ISBN? It still seems to be required when adding books, yet many ebooks only have an ASIN (Amazon) or similar for other sites. 

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ebooks on Red Room

I think it's great that now Red Room has ebook option.  Now that more authors are going through the self-publishing route, I think it's great to have this option included.