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The Man Who Ate His Book: The Best of ducts.org - Volume II
The American Dream Anthology, 2013 Alexander and Doris Raynes Poetry Competition
  Red She said A country is always a woman. Why?Blood and dirt in the wounds. Do they ever heal?No, but the borders change like our bellies. See how the lines have switchedrecently around the navelhow they swerve outnow that you've got a history. • Mother said when her father came to America the only job he could find was cleaning toilets in the...
Verse Daily
The Owl           What is she thinking ofwhen I look up and see her,wings spread far apart,her feet about to graspa branch high above? She lands and arrangesher feathers, tucks her head.She has white feathersand views of the Palisades.I have the dream of snow falling at night over halfof Independence Avenue.I stand on the thresholdunder...
Verse Daily
Pura Vida in Costa Rica How does the light change red bricks,smell of gasoline, cut grass,gash below your heart? When I was a child at the beachI thought the day would never endbecause it was how I had imagined it: salt and blue, wind just righteven the ice cream didn't melt.Tell me what went wrong between then and now.I need to know for the next timewhen I come...
The Riverdale Press
My Clear Blue Morning By Sarah Stern   i. Holy Water The black snake wraps around me,  but his head stands erect opposite mine.    He stares, knows that whatever I do won’t matter; I’ll die from his grip anyway.   When they gather us in for quick dispatch,  I escape and walk through the dark valley   to those who didn’t know...
Ducts.org, Summer 2010
Two Poems Sarah Stern   11 Comments