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Best English bookstore in Jerusalem
One of the highlights of my recent trip to Israel turned out to be a visit to the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem that boasts the largest English bookstore in the Middle East. The adjective “largest” set my expectations too high and I was surprised to find a tiny little bookstore. Maybe...
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The Return of the Mahdi
In The Return of the Mahdi, Ari's identity is finally resolved. Is he the Twelfth Imam? Will the prophecy be fulfilled whereby the Sea of Galilee dries up, ushering in the return of Christ and the rule of the Mahdi as supreme leader? Will Lily prevent a worse catastrophe in Jerusalem when she...
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Nazereth Mosque.jpg
And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the hereafter, he will be one of the losers.  On a visit to Nazareth in 2010, I took a photo of this banner. I was appalled by the outright disrespect to all non-Muslims. Now, after a few years to think...
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           On the seventh day after the burial, the family returns to the cemetery for the Hafteh, or seventh day ceremony. According to Muslim tradition, the soul of the deceased hovers above the grave for seven days, and then departs. On this day, the...
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Book 1 in the Samson Option Trilogy
Now that I have regained the full rights of my first novel, The Samson Option, I have submitted the file to Amazon.com to be sold as an ebook. I thought this day would never come. The long, twisted road that I had to take to get back my copyright is a story for another day. I will just say, that it...
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My Little Book Shop
I now have ownership of the copyright on my first two books, Daughter of Jerusalem, and The Samson Option. This is me standing by a selection of my titles, and I am doing my version of the happy dance.  Very soon I will have these two books available as ebooks on Redroom.com
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Arjan and Angelica
Grandson Arjan and his girlfriend Angelica came to say goodbye as they are leaving soon for Boston. Yes, that kid with a pillow on his head has been accepted at the Harvard School of Divinity. Angelica, who is starting law school, looks on amazed.  The tapestry behind them on the wall is the...
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The most unlikely couple in literature is John le Carre's short, fat MI6 spy, George Smiley, who is painfully in love with Lady Ann, who is as unfaithful and cruel as he is kind and loving. In the end, Smiley sadly but wisely walks away from the marriage.
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I recently asked that question at a family dinner and my granddaughter replied "God is on the side of good." Out of the mouth of children, as the scriptures say. What a perfect answer. In fact, God does not take sides. God is not on the side of Israel, nor on the side of the Palestinians. God is...
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  ASK THE AUTHOR 1. WHERE DID THE INSPIRATION FOR THE CHARACTER OF ARI COME FROM?   An infant boy was found abandoned and brought to the Baby Home where I worked in Jerusalem. I loved this little fellow, who eventually was adopted by a kibbutz family. The grown-up Ari is a figment of my...
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Farsi, better known as Persian, was my first foreign language. I learned it out of necessity after moving to Iran to live with my  in-laws. I made an awful hash of it; calling my sister-in-law "Grasshopper" instead of her name, both words sounding the same to me. Eventually, I learned the day-...
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City of David
About the only country in the Middle East that isn't throwing a hizzy and storming the local USA consulate or embassy is the State of Israel. Let me remind you that the USA still has its embassy in Tel Aviv, despite the fact that every presidential contender promises to move the embassy to the...
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Agatha Christie has written a seldom read memoir titled Come Tell Me How You Live. She writes about accompanying her archaeologist husband, Sir Max Mallowan, on his expeditions in Iraq and Syria. Agatha is older than Max by about ten years, as I am with my husband Patrick, who is also an...
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When did the mantra “never again” become “here we go again?”  Here is one nation (Iran) vowing to wipe another nation (Israel) off the map. This intended destruction is based solely on religious hatred towards Jews. Iran and Israel share no borders, and Israel is not intent on stealing Iran’s...
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I recently read Charles and Emma, The Darwins' Leap of Faith, by Deborah Heiligman (Henry Holt 2009). This is a delightful and surprising love story about Emma Wedgewood and her cousin Charles Darwin. They fell in love and married at age thirty. Emma was very much like Jane Austin's Emma in...
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