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Sharon A Geyer's Books

The Time of Jacob's Trouble.jpg
In this sequel to The Samson Option, Ari and Lily are forced to find a new hiding place. The Mossad arranges for them to go to Rome where they are given identities of a monk and nun and are sent back to Jerusalem. Living a lonely existence in the monastery of John in the Wilderness, they discover two strange stones and a petrified almond twig. The almond twig will be instrumental...
Muslims eagerly anticipate the appearance of the Mahdi, who will bring peace and tranquility to the earth.  Could an infant born in Israel be this Holy One? Ari Ben Chaim, abandoned at birth, then raised on a kibbutz, now learns that four people in his life have been murdered by unknown assassis--his adoptive parents, a psychologist who treated him after he resigned from the...
Daughter of Jerusalem
It is the 1960s in California and Sharon is a typical California girl who has gone off to college...until she meets and marries an Iranian stucent and moves with him to Iran.  Her naive dreams of living as a Persian Princess turn into a living nightmare when she finds herself traped in Tehran, abused by her husband and denied justice by a culture that demeans women.  She...