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The first time I remember wanting to be a writer was at the age of 13.  I can recall, literature was a sweet song in my ear.  Although, I wrote poems, short stories no one seem to take any interest in my passion.  Therefore, it went on the way side for thirty some years.  One...
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It rains, it snows, time takes me in the depths of a shallow storm; wishing for a tropical place to get warm.  Melting away the frost, pricing the rays of the sun at a hefty cost.  Time determines a mood, collecting fragments of an obscure doom.   ...
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Feral Cats
I am very familiar with WWII, my mother was born into the  second war.  She experience the war first hand.  She saw many ugly things in her surroundings, and being three years old was a cruel reminder of what was to come prior to the war and post war.   It was a trial circumstance for everyone who...
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Distaster is a strong word to swallow when faced with it.  Most of us hear of it, and most of us experience first hand.   Mother nature has a way of spelling out distaster.  So many are struggling to keep hope alive and children are the first to experience hope's sparlke inside their eyes.  When...
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I lost something which cannot be replaced.  A perfect opportunity at the wrong time of my life.  Too young and naive to realize the value of that perfect opportunity.  Buried inside insecurities and ignorance, traces a recollection in time when I was a bit stupid, sarcastic and full of the wrong...
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blue in mind
My New Year's resolution would be do more exercise, more writing, and less complaining.   If I can resolve to do these three things, I would be happy.  Every year comes and each resolution becomes a ritual of better arrangements, and other stuff we hope to accomplish.  I suppose I will try to...
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So many books, so little to wonder...one character i favor would be, Othello.  Yes, he was consumed with jealousy and much doubts.  Othello, the Moor of Venice married to the beautiful, shy Desdemona.  His name means (wealth).    The tragedy is off set by delusions of raw emotions and convictions...
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The evening slowly rewinds inside scattered dreams.  Colors of scarlet scenes dissolves amongst a moving stream.  Fading within a quiet slumber outside there are sounds of a  loud thunder.    Escaping in a realm of dreams situations are compromised but nothing is really what it all seems.  Lost...
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Keyed IN
The heat is too hard to bear...can't wait for the end of summer.  Although, the humidity lingered on, a slight tinge of breeze smolted through.    Vacation time, traveling to and from place to place.  Collecting memories with each picture that is taken. School begins, and life moves to Fall, as the...
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I can remember as far back when I was 2 years of age.  I remember crying about a small black cat being wet and cold.  My heart went to the little kitty.   I ran toward my mother and asked her to dry the kitten for me.  I recall my green shirt and white short pants were wet as I held the kitty in my...
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The elements are essential to our daily living.   Water is life, without it nothing would survive.   Everything is connected, as fire, air, earth and water continue to support the continuity of living.  The sun is the fire we need to sustain the day time. The rain is the water for the plants and...
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As the French say, "Vive la differance."  It is a true statement.   Being different is what makes us unique from everyone else. I know what it is to be different,  when all you want to be is invisible.  I guess I was different because I did not belong to any special...
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My favorite detective would be Sherlock Holmes.  He is a very detailed detective of his time.  Although fictional, yet the character plays a well etiquette persona of quiet sentiments and loud perception of human nature. There will always be a flaw in every crime, and Sherlock Holmes will find it...
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I have so many favorites,  can't decide which one I want to write about. I suppose I have to choose one.  There are variety of lyrics and musical styles, but my favorite has to be "Queen." "I am going slightly mad."  Through the sound and word of the song I can relate the true...
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It is hard enough to write the plot and trying to syntax the proper grammar. My worst typos are in Italian version of grammar as I write in English. It is fustrating to see my writing while  revising the words there is no flow in the grammar. Some of my writing is too wordie, because I write about...
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