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I consider it a privilege -- although it came as a big surprise to me to learn about it -- that I have written one of the very few novels that exist about the Irish in San Francisco. My Father In The Night was published in hard cover by Mercury House in 1991 and in soft cover by Ballantine Books a year or so later. Little Bridget and The Flames of Hell is a collection of short...
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"Her mother Alma had told her about him, how he deserved being hunted down by the soldiers out there in the Yuro Ravine. And so Ofelia had thought quite a bit about Señor Guevara..." Ofelia is given the task of caring for the mortally wounded Che Guevara during the last two days of his life, in Bolivia in 1967. A world-renowned figure, the architect of the revolution in Cuba that...
In a reprise of his appearance in Terence Clarke's The Day Nothing Happened, Dan Collins, now chief of the Agency for International Development in western Borneo, is a man caught in conflict between two cultures. On orders to retrieve a State Department employee from the upper reaches of the Baleh River, he discovers an enthralling world cloaked by the lush veil of the jungle. ...
My Father In The Night tells the story of three generations of men living in the North Beach section of San Francisco in an Irish-American family. Eleven year-old Pearse, his father Joe and his grandfather MJ all live apart from each other emotionally, and the ways they approach each other are those of strangers. The worlds in which they live -- Saints Peter and Paul parish in...
In this collection of related short stories, the main character Dan Collins is working for the U.S. Agency for International Development in Sarawak in western Borneo. It is in the early 1960s, and the British colonial regime has recently turned Sarawak over to the new government of Malaysia. Collins, attempting literally to build roads in this very difficult place, has encounters...