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Rooted in Danger
Published by Publishers Weekly
The suspense is an ever-present force, with danger enhancing the sensual and very real romance between a most unlikely couple.
Where Danger Hides
Published by Publishers Weekly
Odell follows 2010's When Dangers Calls with this sizzling suspense tale. Dalton, "just Dalton," is a sweet-talking Texas black ops contractor equipped with a sharp mind, big...
Nowhere to Hide
Published by The Romance Studio
Colleen McDonald has escaped to Orlando, Florida from Oregon. Post traumatic stress disorder after being shot and seeing her partner killed haunts her days and nights. The citrus...
Nowhere to Hide
Published by Single Titles
NOWHERE TO HIDE has a page-turning plot that is fresh and compelling with plenty of twists and turns to keep us on our toes. Romantic suspense author Terry Odell presents genuine...
Nowhere to Hide
Published by Siren Book Reviews
From the first page, Nowhere To Hide had me hooked. With a woman hiding from her haunting past, a missing man, a landlord who is mysterious and forgetful, and a cop who asks a...
Nowhere to Hide
Published by Got Romance Reviews
The plot is an interesting twist on a police procedural, giving the reader an insider’s view of the workings of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. But the main appeal of the book...
Nowhere to Hide
Published by Thoughts In Progress
Terry Odell’s novels are listed as romantic suspense. However, I think she writes action-packed suspense and intrigue with just enough romance sprinkled throughout for an amazing...
Published by Gumshoe Reviews
When Danger Calls by Terry Odell has been called a romance, a mystery with a romance, and a thriller with a bit of romance. I call it one heck of a wild read that will keep you...
Published by Publisher's Weekly Blog
Ryan Harper is an agent of blackthorne dealing with a conspiracy that seems to be unfolding around him. Speculation puts Ryan in question of being the leak. He has two failed...
Published by Armchair Reviews
Open the pages of When Danger Calls, and step into an action-filled journey you can’t escape... It’s like Barbie meets Wolverine. Two totally different worlds intertwine and...
Published by Night Owl Romance
Terry Odell is one of those writers that you know when you pick up their book; you will have a difficult time laying it back down. Her stories are well plotted, the characters...
Published by Romance Reviews Today
WHEN DANGER CALLS is more than romantic suspense; it's also a love story at its best. It’s exactly the kind of book that should put Terry Odell on the map, an author to watch out...
Published by Night Owl Romance Book Reviews
Terry Odell has written an intriguing tale of a woman trying to rebuild her life after a devastating loss. The plot is fast paced, the events deftly mixed with the conflicting...
Published by Orlando Magazine
Orlando romance novelist Terry Odell (Finding Sarah, What's in a Name?) tries her hand at an action-packed adventure tale with agreeable results.
Published by Genre Go Round Reviews
This is an exciting romantic suspense that grips readers from the onset when Ryan’s cakewalk mission turns ugly and never slows down as his work arrives at Big Sky Country. The...