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Short Story
Flash fictions from my Taxi Tales stories.
  It's eight o'clock in the evening and you've just about made your nut and your gas, when a call comes in from Yesler terrace. You're close by and you take it. It turns out to be a phone booth, where teen-age boy in a hoodie is waving you down. You roll down the window. Can you take me to PacMed? Sure, you say. Hop in. He opens the door behind you. Some...
Short Story
  You're at the start of your new career in the car service business. In some ways you enjoy it, too. Sitting alone in the cab each day, totally your own boss; you get a surge of excitement inside thinking about the money you'll make in a way that requires so little work. Clearing two fifty or more a night isn't such a bad day's pay, and since...
  At First Blush Both of them felt it when they met, that ooze of opiates in the brain and the dribble of warmth through the nerve canals that told them they were meant for each other. The fall occurred at a meeting of Mensa, the society for people with high IQs. It was all trickle down from there. Bruce was a Gulf War veteran and a former telephone lineman...