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For almost all my life, I have been plagued with bad manners. Not the kind that I would write about to, say, Miss Manners for some advice, because she might laugh at me or at least not take me seriously. But it’s been a huge problem nonetheless. I have been nice. Too nice. Oh, I can see you all,...
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Once there was a boy. There wasn’t anything particularly unusual about him when he was born, but his parents, like most parents, believed him to be the most perfect baby. He was a rough-and-tumble child, as boys tend to be — active and talkative and social. Somewhere along the way, he developed...
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Like Shakira, I have a fijacion oral. That is probably the only thing I have in common with the Hispanic superstar despite a year and a half of belly-dance classes and two year of college Spanish (not to mention five years of living in Miami), never mind that she’s years — decades? — younger than I...
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I know — it's ugly and wrong. The only times I post on here is when I'm promoting a talk for "Knowing Pains." I'm sure this will send me straight to writer hell. I'll take that risk. I'll be joining the editor of and other contributors to  "Knowing Pains" as well as the editor...
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When I was a teenager, I promised my parents I would write the Great American Novel. This got me out of spending a summer as a clerk at Bloomie's, where my mother worked and where she had helped land me a summer job. It's not that I was against making money; I wasn't, although I never put it as the...
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In one of those odd twist of fate things for which nothing quite prepares you, I discovered today I have something in common with Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Isabelle Allende, Amy Tan, Annie Lamott, Al and Tipper Gore and a lot of other literary luminaries: Monogrammed stationery, courtesy...
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This may be the most boring blog ever. Certainly, the most boring I've written, because it's all all about self promotion. But if it's self promotion for a good cause, does that change things? I thought so ... Well, after a lot of exhausting rewrites, editing, e-mailing and phone calls, the...
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Knowing Pains
As the book editor (among my many other titles) at the Marin Independent Journal, I've had a lot of anthologies that come across my desk that look at life as (pick one or all): 1. a 20-something 2. a 30-something 3. a single person 4. a "bad girl" 5. the "other" woman 6. a...
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