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 Dear K, Hello and virtual kisses to you! I am baking in the summer heat. I know how muffins must feel baking in the oven.  I am working on my new radio/podcast show. It will be available on iTunes. I am feeling nervous so am sending support at BlogTalkRadio lots of questions. I've...
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Dear K, How are you? I miss you, you know! I have been surprised at how much your Dad has been talking to me, I have been trying to answer all his questions . . . until he explained to me he's talking to Asproula. Of course! She worships him. The weather is marvelous today! Finally the heat wave...
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"To my knowledge, there has never been a book that takes on the daunting challenge of describing and deconstructing the unbelievably complex emotional and intellectual journey from prejudice to compassion on this issue . . . until now!" Anna Baltzer, from the Foreword of "Breakthrough." The...
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Good early Crete morning to you! Another lovely day. Snow still on the mountains, even though the days are Hot! Greek elections - reported with great drama but the foundation of the problem of austerity budgets are the injustice to people and their families. Banks get loans with 0% interest rates...
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Books vs. Internet?or Books and Internet? Smell the roses!
| The news story every book lover can appreciate in this day of the Internet: a book find of a genuine book with authentic historical importance, "500-Year-Old Book Surfaces in Utah." An Easter interview with Randolph T. Holhut revealed that Randy was able to find all 21 books written by...
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Fed Policies let Bankers Skate
Listen to internet radio with Talking Progressive on Blog Talk Radio I hope you have a chance to listen to our guest Danny Schechter. He spent 4  years investigating HOW did the economic crisis happened.  He talks about USA and Greece and who is really at fault. This is important...
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Israeli Palestinian Confederation
Listen to internet radio with Talking Progressive on Blog Talk Radio This turned out to be a really interesting and informative show. I hope you will be able to listen to the podcast. Click on the box to get connected. The most important part is the discussion on the Israeli Palestinian...
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Symmetry in the Sun
Mr. Josef Avesar, Esq. - Joe will be joining us on Talking Progressive Politics on Sunday, March 27, 2011. He is ready to answer questions about the Israeli Palestinian Confederation. 297 canidates both Palestinian and Israeli have been nominated for the elections which will take place in December...
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 Listen to internet radio with Talking Progressive on Blog  Talk Radio   GUESTS: BETTY JO TUCKER and NANCY LOMBARDO - WORKERS and LABOR UNIONS . . . at the MOVIES.     On Sunday Jim and I were very excited to welcome as our guest, movie critic BETTY JO TUCKER of MOVIE ADDICT HEADQUARTERS/...
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Photo from the airport on an earlier date when the sky was full of double rainbows.
I had a very nice weekend as Natalie came home for a visit.  She and her sister are now living quite happily in their own flat in Athens.  "Luring" them home to this provincial town, where I live and where they grew up, can be quite a challenge. Promises of nothing to do but relaxing and...
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     When I was a young girl I was very good at math.  I lived in a place where girls were never good at math.  That meant I did not do math.  When I went to university I took calculus and all kinds of math classes without causing any trouble on the home front.        But that didn't end the...
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If you are looking for nice moives to watch over the new year, maybe these will be interesting to you.  I like them a lot, The first is like an adventure-fairy tale, The Secret of Moonacre.  The movie is base on the book "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge.  The second is plotted...
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Unemployment has become a national crisis.
I've mostly been working on my radio show which is still pretty new.  Jim Cullen, the editor of The Progressive Populist, co-hosts. Recently we have been running a series on the need for jobs, unemployment insurance extensions and what the lame duck Congress was doing to help out (or not doing)....
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Fun and Romantic
12 Christmas Movies From Over The Years. Romance, FUN and Family Films  for the holidays. A Christmas Story  (1983) A childhood memory of a 1940’s Christmas when all boys really wanted for Christmas was a Rod Ryder BB Gun.  This movie is wonderful.  Some families watch the movie together as part...
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American Voices, American Women
Curling Up with a Good Book Can Be a Mini Summer Vacation!There's a sweet, tiny, little, square, yellow house at the end of our street. That is where the little old lady of our neighborhood lives. She has lots of crocuses growing in her garden. Every spring she shares the flowers with us at...
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